Eczema Treatment NYC - New York, NY

The term eczema encompasses a wide range of disorders that have in common some degree of skin inflammation.

Eczema often manifests itself as red, itchy and often flaky skin.

Except for the palms and soles, blisters are usually absent on eczematous skin. If blisters are present, the diagnosis of secondary Herpes or Bacterial infection should be strongly considered.

Over time, roughthickening of the skin (lichenification) may develop in the affected area.

People of all ages and ethnic background may suffer from eczema. Although it may be a chronic condition, childhood eczema usually improves with age.

Causes ranfe from internal autoimmune activity to external irritant or allergic factors or any combination of the above.

There is often overlap with conditions such as hay fever, asthma and hives.

Possible treatments:

Systemic Therapy

Topical agents

Oral medications