Treatments for Eczema NYC New York NY

Treatments for Eczema

Because eczema often causes near continuous itching, if over the counter products and avoidance of suspected allergens are not effective, see your dermatologist. Scratching can result in skin injury and exposure to staph infections.
Avoid known allergens, foods which cause itching and treatments which over dry the skin. Keep your skin well hydrated. Flare ups are less likely to occur when skin is not left to become overly dry from the elements.
Unscented moisturizers, bland skin cleansers such as Cetaphil, Aveeno and non fragranced lotions and soaps help prevent irritation that can reinstate the activity of eczema.
Cortisone creams may help with flare-ups, either over the counter or those prescribed by Dr. Once under control, following a regimen of skin care and skin protection can help keep the skin in good health.